Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Just collected 15 dividend payments for the last day of May!  Total dividend income is up a whopping 100% over May of 2016!  I was very pleased to see that during the first five months of this year, I have added 20% more shares than the total shares owned at the end of 2013.  2013 was the year I began rebuilding my investment portfolio, so I'm very pleased with the progress I've made in the past 4 years.  Still a long way to go before I retire, but things are looking good so far.

I'm expecting good things for the month of June, with it's 39 dividend payments.  I haven't done the math, but I'm pretty confident of doubling monthly income, compared to last year, once again in June.  So far I've only had one month with less than a 100% increase and it came in close to doubling.  Just got to keep things moving forward for the rest of the year.

Collected my first dividend payment from ORA, but it looks like I got in too late to collect the upcoming dividend from INTC.  I'll most likely have to wait until September to collect from Intel.  But it's nice to see they've raised their dividend once again, starting in June.  It's always a good sign when they have a history of raising dividends and plenty of income to continue doing so.

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