Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Just completed my big stock purchase of ORA, CCD, SPHD and QCOM to boost monthly dividend income by 10%, but I'm not resting on my laurels.  I've decided I can squeeze out enough cash this month to also purchase additional shares of AGD which will increase monthly dividends by another 2%!  I've put off the purchase of JNJ until later in the year, when I have more available cash.  May divert some dividend income to cash to help pay for JNJ shares.  I'd like to buy as big a stake as possible and am hoping to catch it at a better price in June or July.  Have to wait and see how that goes.

With the latest stock purchases, my total number of dividend payments per year has increased to 401!  That's 401 dividend "paydays" each year.  More than one per day!  JNJ will add another 4 dividends per year for a grand total of 405.  I have no plans to add additional stocks once I've reached that point, since I've already surpassed my goal of a dividend per day.  I'll be concentrating on growing positions in currently owned stocks to increase monthly income.  

At this point, I have to say this new portfolio I started 4 years ago has far exceeded my expectations.  I now make almost as much in dividends in one month as I made for the entire year of 2013!  How exciting is that?  It continually amazes me how quickly monthly cash flow is increasing.  I certainly feel like I made the right decision in 2013 to concentrate on dividend paying stocks in rebuilding my investments.  It's paid off remarkably well.  Now it's practically taken on a life of it's own, with reinvested dividends continually increasing monthly income and building nice cash balances as well.  

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