Tuesday, May 30, 2017


As I await the big end of the month dividend payouts, I'm pleased to report, through a combination of cash investments and reinvested dividends, I was able to increase the overall value of my portfolio by over 10% in the month of May!  Average monthly dividend income increased by 8%, keeping me on track to double dividend income again this year!  Although I've had a few setbacks, in the form of dividend cuts, I'm very pleased with the overall performance of my investments for the first 5 months of 2017.  

Don't have any big plans for the month of June.  Would like to complete the purchase of shares of MAIN for my ROTH account.  This would add an additional 14 dividend payments per year, bring my total up to 421, or 1.15 dividends per day.  When reinvesting dividends, frequency of payout boosts yields, so I'm always happy to increase the number of times I get paid per year.  I plan on following up the MAIN purchase by adding a stake in GUT to my taxable account and buying shares of SPLV for my IRA.  Those two purchases would add another 24 dividends per year, for a grand total of 445!  The rest of the year, I'll concentrate on building positions in some of the individual stocks I own.

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