Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The purchase of shares in INTC and AEG Tuesday, brought the total number of dividend payments I receive per year up to 407!  While the stakes in Intel and Aegon will only raise average monthly income by a little over 1%, I think they'll both make good long term investments.  I'm a little iffy about AEG, but since they're the parent company of TransAmerica, who manages my 401k, I bought some shares for the dividend to recapture some of the fees they charge me for managing my account.

The market started of great yesterday, but ended up not doing much.  Today it looks like the trend is mostly down.  I kind of expect that this time of year, so I'll be keeping a close eye out for bargains as share prices drop.  Right now I've got my automatic purchase plans set to add to CNP for my taxable account, I'm buying more SPHD for my IRA and I'm purchase shares of MAIN for my Roth IRA.  The addition of MAIN will add another 14 dividend payments per year, bringing my annual total to 421!  Not sure how soon these purchases will go through, it depends on available cash, but I plan on buying MAIN first.

I diverted some of my dividends to cash to help pay for upcoming purchases, but with the price of stocks going down, I want to take advantage of reinvesting dividends to add to my positions at the lower prices.  With the Fed's set to raise interest rates, I decided the best dividends to convert to cash were from the bond funds.  My thinking behind this is that an increase in interest rates will drive bond fund shares lower, at least temporarily, so might as well take the cash for now.   

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