Thursday, June 30, 2016


Collected the last 7 dividend payments for the month of June and as expected, set a new record for monthly dividend income.  What was even more exciting is, when compared to June 2015, dividend income for June 2016 is up over 150%!  While I did expect a good increase, I'm just blown away by how much it actually went up.  A great deal of this increase can be attributed to additional cash investments on my part and reinvested dividend income.  Part of the increase came from my recent trades, which increased income from cash already invested.  While these type of increases surely won't go on forever, it's nice to see right now.  Makes a person feel like they're on the right track.

Got my 401k paperwork turned in, so I'll have a new investment account before long.  It's not a great plan as far as 401k's go, 0 matching contributions, but it does have a few solid investment options.  I should also benefit from the before tax dollars invested, since it will reduce my current taxable income and my actual net pay will remain basically the same.  It's money that would otherwise not be available to me to invest, so I figure I'm ahead of the game there.

I'm looking forward to the month of July, even though I'll be working 4th of July weekend.  Actually I'll get holiday pay for working, so I'm kind of looking forward to that too.  I'm also anxious to see whether HWBK continues their trend from previous years and pays out the special stock dividend in July.  I was able to increase my stake in Hawthorne Bank this past year so the bonus dividend would be almost double last year's amount.  Just have to wait and see.

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