Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Even though I initially miscalculated this months dividends, (by including 2 payments that I won't get until July 1st) June still set a new record for dividend income, beating out the old record month of December 2015 by more than 10%!  I'm pretty excited about that and about the final 7 dividends I'll collect on the 30th.  However, I don't expect this record to hold for long, since new dividends from recent purchases will begin in July, I'm pretty sure July will set a new record.  

Looks like everybody else is coming to the same conclusion about Brexit as I did in my last post.  They've realized the market over reacted and have been looking to pick up some bargains.  Consequently, my portfolio is making a quick recovery from the steep drop in the stock market.  Even though it didn't drop nearly as much percentage wise, as the overall market, since it's somewhat insulated from such events by the fact that I only own dividend stocks.  I still managed to pick up shares of UTG for my ROTH account at a much lower price per share than I paid for shares in my IRA account.  So I've reduced the average price per share and increased average yield on UTG.  Since this was a cash purchase, I also raised monthly dividend income by over 2% starting in July!

Presidential politics have been quite a fiasco this time around, but I've already decided to vote for Donald Trump.  I don't agree with everything Trump says and I know he won't be able to do everything he says he's going to do.  However, Hillary has been involved in way too many scandals for my tastes and she sounds way too much like a rerun of the Obama administration.  So I won't be voting for her, ever.  

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