Friday, January 15, 2016


Just estimated total dividend income for January 2016 and compared it to what I received in 2015.  Total cash flow from dividends is up a whopping 65% for the month, compared to January 2015!  Even with the stock market prices being down lately, what a great way to start off the year!  I have to say, this caught me by surprise.  While I expected income to increase, I didn't expect to see such a large gain.

Collected 4 dividend payments this week from ROYT, MAIN, CLNY and UTG.  This brings the monthly total of payments up to 9, with 7 more payments to go before the end of the month.  Looking ahead towards February, I'll only collect 14 dividend payments for the shortest month of the year, but still expect to see a good increase in year over year monthly income.  Don't want to do the estimate this far ahead, I like being surprised, it keeps me motivated.

On the job front, my earned income is up over last year.  Didn't see any pay increases, but I did pick up more hours at work.  So I'm off to a much better start job wise, compared to last year.  If I stay with my current job, I expect my total earned income to go up about 20% this year.  Don't have any plans to change jobs, but you never know what might come up. 

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