Sunday, March 1, 2015


Kicked off the first of March with a whopping 7 dividend payments!  Re-invested all but one payment from NCZ.  Was most happy to see UVE posted profits of $0.59 per share, beating the Thomas Reuters estimate of $0.52 by 7 cents per share.  The company also increased its' quarterly dividend by 20%, from 10 cents to 12 cents per share.  I sold shares of UVE last year and pulled out all my original cash investment, so the stake I hold now is like playing with the house's money.  It's been very profitable!  This is one of my core holdings.

As it turned out, I did capture the dividends from the shares of CRF and CLM I sold last month to buy GLW and SPHD.  So I timed it just right to collect the most recent dividends from all four stocks, since I got in to GLW and SPHD in time to capture their upcoming dividends.  Finally got it right!

My total dividend payments per year is now up to 192.  Which means I'll collect an average of 16 dividends per month or a dividend every 1.9 days!  Now it's simply a matter of building up each stock holding to boost the payments.  Re-invested dividends are increasing my monthly cash flow by 1% a month, which isn't bad, but I'll be looking for ways to boost cash investments throughout the year.  Regardless of how that works out, it's nice to see cash flow increasing month after month! 

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