Friday, February 20, 2015


Made some good decisions to bolster portfolio returns in January and February!  I purchased shares of ROYT on the belief that the panic over oil prices was overblown.  I'm currently up close to 10% on my stake in ROYT and have already started collecting dividends.  

Completed the sale of CRF and CLM in my taxable account last week and used proceeds to buy stakes in GLW and SPHD.  GLW for growth and dividends and SPHD for monthly dividends and stability.  Looks like that was a good move as well, since I've not only recovered commission costs but have recouped some of the money lost from my investments in CLM and CRF.  (Still hold stakes in CLM and CRF in my IRA account.)

Collected dividend payments from PSEC and NYCB.  I've been a long term shareholder of NYCB and while I don't expect any earth shattering returns, it has been a good investment for me.  I'll continue to hold both these stocks as long as the dividends keep rolling in.  Total dividend income from my investments was up over 100% at the end of January and looks to be headed in that direction for the end of February.  With several more dividends to collect for this month, income is already 20% more than I earned for the full months of January and February 2014!

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