Tuesday, February 3, 2015


With the final 3 dividends at the end of the month, January 2015 dividend income total is up 100% over January 2014!  Even with setbacks and blunders on my part last year, I met my annual goal of doubling dividend income and am on track for doing the same this year.  

Started February off with 4 dividend payments for the first of the month.  Should see new dividends this month from UTG and ROYT.  The extra income from these two investments will boost monthly income throughout the year since they both pay monthly.  

As for last year's poor performing funds, I've decided to pull out my original cash investment and reinvest in individual stocks.  However, instead of selling the shares outright, to get my original cash investment back, I've diverted the monthly dividends to the cash portion of my accounts.  I've set automatic investments to purchase the stocks I want to buy when the cash reaches the correct amount.  After I've gotten my original cash investment out from the dividends, I may let the remainder ride and keep drawing the cash.  I don't really expect these investments to do well going forward, but I don't expect them to under anytime soon.  So as long as they churn out cash, I'll probably hang on to them, just won't buy any more.

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