Friday, March 20, 2015


Took advantage of a small windfall of cash to boost monthly dividend income by over 3%!  I purchased additional shares of AOD, which is one of my best performing funds.  Cash flow from new shares should begin in April.

So far so good with the new job.  Got some great people to work with and I can put the bad experiences of the past 6 years behind me.  I'm all about moving forward just now.  The positive thinking has definitely helped, whether it's part of a universal law of attraction, or it just makes opportunities more obvious and makes you a better person to be around, I'm not exactly sure.  However, the fact remains when I changed my way of thinking, things began to change for the better.  So no matter the reasons, the end results are worth keeping the whole thing going.

While the stock market seems to be floundering in uncertainty this month, I can't help but think that I'm picking up more shares with my reinvested dividends while prices are down.  Which also boosts overall yield, so it's not entirely bad news.

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