Friday, March 13, 2015


Dividend payments this week from PDLI and ROYT brought the total number of payments for March to eleven!  Still have 9 more payments coming in before the end of the month!  I was excited back in 2013 to see two or three dividends per month when I started rebuilding my portfolio.  Now I'm ecstatic to have months with 20 dividends!

My current plan is to focus on building positions in the stocks I already hold.  However, I'm very tempted to add Aflac (AFL) to my IRA and may end up doing so later in the year.  I've owned shares of AFL in the past and made a great profit on the sale.  I think it's still a good investment and it has plenty of room to continue growing the dividend.  

With stock prices dropping, I'm hoping to add as many shares as I can to boost dividend yields while prices are low.  Took a hit when ROYT lowered its' monthly dividend, but I expected that to happen with current oil prices.  ROYT was more of a speculative ploy, so any dividend is really a plus in this case.  We'll see whether I was right or wrong moving forward.  In any case, my position is only a very small part of my portfolio, so in this case it could go to zero and I wouldn't have lost much.  On the other hand, should oil prices rise and the company's fortunes turn for the good, I could make a nice profit from the shares or continue to hold for the dividend.  

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