Thursday, August 8, 2013


Did an online search today for lots for sale.  I’m looking
for an empty lot with utilities where I can either build
or place a mobile home.  I’m buying my new place piece
by piece.  I figure if I shop around, I can find a lot and
either build my own place or place a mobile home on
the lot for less than $15,000.  I don’t plan on spending
over $10,000 for the lot, so that leaves me $5,000 to
work with on the home.  

While you may think it is impossible to build a home for
that amount, I just saw an ad for new steel framed
metal buildings which could easily be converted to a
house, the price was $2,800.  I can do all the interior
work myself and pick up materials at a local surplus
outlet.  I only have to make the place livable, then I can
work on improvements after I’ve moved in.  I plan on
adding a lot of sweat equity to the total project.  I’ve set
up a separate housing fund to accumulate money for the

A used mobile home would be less work and lower
initial cost, so I may go with that initially.  In the end
though, I’ve decided building a small house would be
most suitable.  It all hinges on the sale of the building
where I’m living now.  If it takes a while to sell,
obviously I’ll be in much better position financially to
buy my own place.  Should it sell sooner, I may have to
go to my backup plan, buying a mobile home and
renting lot space.  I’d like to avoid this option, but I
gotta do what I gotta do.  I’ve paid rent for way too
many years.

In the mean time, I’m getting rid of some things I no
longer need by having a garage sale.  The money raised
from the sale will go in to the housing fund.  I’m also
saving money by stepping up couponing (saved 35% on
my weekly grocery shopping today).  Also restricting
spending to an as needed basis.  The only exceptions
I’ve made to this rule are purchases I can use in my
own home.  A washer and dryer, a lawn mower and a
nice used set of dining chairs.  I bought the washer and
dryer and lawn mower for $180 used.  They work great
and I’m able to use them even now.  The chairs were
just a great deal at $32 for a set of 4.  They go well with
my dining table and I now have a matching set.  The
mixed set of chairs I’ve been using for the past 10 years
are still in great shape and should bring at least $20 at
the yard sale, so I’ll put that money back in the housing

Also finished up some estate planning.  Made
arrangements for my bank accounts and investment
accounts to transfer on death to avoid probate.  Set
beneficiaries on my investment accounts and life
insurance and made sure my heirs were aware of what
and how they will inherit.  Hope to be around for a long
time to come, but the recent death of a good friend
made it clear to me the importance of having your
affairs in order.       

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