Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As a big fan of the "Rich Dad" book series by Robert Kyosaki, one of his suggestions I always try to follow is to "look at a deal a day."  Maybe I take advantage of the deal I find, maybe not, but it's always a learning experience.  Then too, there's always the possibility I'll come back to it at a later date.

While perusing the latest issue of Barron's, I came across a couple of deals I thought might warrant further research.  One is PMF a municipal income fund.  With it's investment in municipal bonds, it provides an attractive tax advantaged income.  The recent price of just over $12 and a dividend yield of 8.13% on top of the tax advantages, make this an ideal candidate for providing monthly income in taxable a taxable account.  Would not be suitable for an IRA or 401k since they are already tax advantaged.  I have decided to buy PMF instead of KO for my taxable account.

Another deal I came across in the magazine was MLP, EPD which I've invested in before.  With a recent price of over $60 and a yield of 4.52% on top of a history of increasing dividends, this MLP is still an attractive investment.  However, their current price does not fit well with my limited investment capital at the present time.  May take a look at them again at some future date.

Completed purchase of a stake in Corning Glass (GLW) and it looks as though I'll be in line to collect my first dividend from them in the month of September.  This months' purchase brings the total number of dividend payments I collect from my portfolio to 121 per year!  

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