Saturday, June 22, 2013


I just finished reviewing my Dividend Income Calendar for
2013.  Dividends for the month of June are more than double
those from the month of March.  If this trend continues, with
dividend income doubling every three months, by the end of
2013 I’ll have the option to divert some dividend income to pay
ongoing expenses.  The whole point of having a taxable account
and an IRA is to create usable cash flow now.  Instead of
waiting until retirement, why not have a better life as you go.

I may choose to keep re-investing dividends and build on my
positions instead of taking monthly cash payments.  After all,
re-invested dividends are a great way to cut investment
expense, since there is no commission on re-invested dividends.
Not only that, but by continuing re-invested dividends and
keeping monthly cash contributions the same, total
contributions to my account would go up over 50% by the end
of 2013.

Gives me a lot to think about when formulating investment
strategy for 2014.  None of us know what the future holds,
however, it’s always good to plan ahead as long as your plans
are flexible and you’re ready to roll with the punches.  Even
though I start on my investment plan nearly 7 months ahead of
the new year, I never really finalize my yearly plan until
February or March of the new year.

On an unrelated subject, I saw Claire McCaskill has
announced her support for Hilary Clinton in the next
Presidential election.  REALLY!!!  I’m beginning to think it’s
time for Claire to retire.  Hillary supposedly dropped out of
her Secretary of State position for health reasons and she’s not
getting any younger.  She’s also no Bill Clinton.  While I’m not
especially a fan of Bill Clinton, he wasn’t the worst Democratic
president we’ve ever had, but I don’t think Hillary would make
as good a president as her husband was.  In her defense, I
would have voted for her over Obama hands down.

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