Saturday, June 15, 2013


When I revised my investment plan at the beginning of 2013, I had 3 main goals to accomplish for the year.  I wanted to rebuild both my retirement and taxable investment accounts by purchasing stakes in 20 stocks and funds by the end of the year. I also wanted to rev up compounding by investing in monthly dividend payers and reinvesting all dividends, the more dividends you receive the faster your compound rate.  My third goal was to simplify my investment strategy to reduce the amount of time and effort involved in managing my accounts.  

I've simplified my plan and boosted dividends to 111 payments per year, so I've already accomplished those two goals.  My final goal of reaching the 20 stocks and funds will be reached by November of this year, barring any major setbacks.  I've set up an automatic investment plan with my accounts to purchase one issue per month, which means, in 5 months I'll have purchased the last stock to round out my portfolio.  From then on it's a matter of building my stakes through continued monthly cash investments and reinvested dividends.  

I'm already working on ideas to tweak the plan for 2014.  I'm sure to include as many cost cutting measures as I can come up with and I'll be looking for ways to boost returns as much as possible while avoiding excessive risk.  While the prospects for the economy overall are still no so bright, I'm getting excited about investing again.  You just have to work with what with the hand you're dealt.

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