Saturday, June 15, 2013


With the purchase of a stake in CRF, which pays
monthly dividends, I’ll now be collecting a total of
111 dividend payments per year.  By January of
2014, I expect the total number of dividends to go
up to 127 with purchases of WFC, KO, INTC and
T.  I’ll be adding one additional stock to bring my
total investment portfolio to 20 stocks and funds.
Although not evenly divided between taxable and
retirement accounts, it’s a pretty even allocation
dollar wise.  Once in place, the only changes to
stocks or funds in the portfolio may be to replace
any investment which cuts or ceases to pay
dividends.  Otherwise I’m going long term all the

My biggest reason for choosing a dividend
investment strategy over say aggressive growth or
value investing is, I love to get paid.  The more
often I get paid the better.  It’s what motivates me
to keep investing month after month.  I think it
was J.D. Rockefeller who said one of the things
that made him truly happy was collecting his
dividends month after month.  That’s the way I
am.  While collecting dividends isn’t the only
thing that makes me happy, it is something I
count on to brighten my week.  I’ve had a lot of
bad luck in the past couple of years.  Health
problems (3 heart attacks), loss of family and
friends who’ve passed away and not much luck
job wise.  However, while I could just sit around
feeling sorry for myself, I’d much rather spend
whatever time and resources I have rebuilding my
portfolio and compounding my investments as
rapidly as possible through lots and lots of

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