Saturday, June 8, 2013


With the latest dividend payments from CNP and LLY, dividend income from my investment portfolio for the month of June is already up over the month of March.  Which means that dividend income for the second quarter has beaten each month of the first quarter!  I expect to repeat this process for the remainder of 2013, with each successive quarter beating out income from the previous 3 months.  

Currently new cash additions to my investment accounts make up the bulk of increased income.  However, with steadily rising monthly cash flow from dividends, it should not be long until dividend income and re-investment is responsible for the bulk of growth.  Since I'm working on reducing debt and building up cash in the bank to purchase my own home, I don't anticipate being able to increase the monthly cash contributions to my taxable or retirement account for the remainder of the year.  So progress seems a little slow, as far as rebuilding my accounts after my heart attack last year, but percentage wise income growth has been phenomenal!  I think I've hit on the perfect plan to reach my goals.

In my last post I outlined my planned stock purchases for the rest of the year.  Along the way, I'll also be beefing up my current positions by re-investing all dividends.  By the end of 2013 I'll re-evaluate my plan and make adjustments where needed, but I'm thinking I'll be able to continue most of the plan I've put in place for several years to come.  

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