Friday, June 7, 2013


June is definitely going to be a good month for dividend
income.  In the first 5 days of the month I’ve already collected
5 dividend payments.  Was glad to collect my first dividend
payment from HBI, great job, keep them coming!  Also
collected from NCZ, NCV, PHK and RRD.

While June is a great month, with a total of 11 dividend
payments for the month, it looks like September and December
will be the best overall.  For both months, I’ll collect 12
dividend payments and in December I should also see capital
gains payouts from the 5 mutual funds I hold stakes in.

As for planned purchases of the last four stocks for my overall
portfolio, I plan to add positions in CRF and WFC in June and
July respectively.  I’ll follow that up by adding positions in KO
and INTC in August and September and finish up by adding T
in the month of December.  Then it will be a simple matter of
increasing my investment in each holding by reinvested
dividends and future cash investments.  I’ll only add new
positions if it becomes necessary to sell one of my holdings due
to poor performance or cancelled dividends.

Pickles and I have finished our move and are getting settled in
the new place.  We’re currently in a 3 bedroom apartment in
an old church.  The building is up for sale, so it’s a temporary
situation, but we’re enjoying while it lasts.  Thanks to my
sister, was able to get a great deal on a used washer and dryer.
I got a Hotpoint washer (one of the best) and a good Kenmore
dryer.  It doesn’t bother me in the least that they’re a little
scuffed up and don’t match.  They work great and that’s all
that really matters.  May be getting a mower next.  These are
things I’ll need if I’m able to figure a way to by our own place.
It’s going to be much harder since I’ve never fully recovered
employment wise from the “great recession”.  However, where
there’s a will there’s a way and I intend to find it.  I once
bought a fixer upper mobile home for $800 and a corner city
lot for $2,000.  For a total of $2,800 and a little cleaning and
painting, I had a decent place to live.  While I don’t expect to
do that now, I do think there are comparable deals if you
adjust for inflation.  We’ll see how it goes.

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