Sunday, March 17, 2013


The stock market did well this past week, although I think that's more on the strength of corporate balance sheets rather than have anything to do with the overall economy or economic policies.  Nice to see some price gains once in a while though. 

I moved ahead with my plan for creating monthly cash flow with the purchase of PHK this past week.  The order for the purchase of my stake in PSEC goes through on Tuesday this week, which completes my stock purchases for March.  I've already put in an order for my taxable account to purchase a shares of CRF on April 12th, which will add another 12 dividend payments per year to my taxable account.  I'll follow that with an order to purchase shares of AGC for my IRA account.  In the month of May, I'll purchase shares of one more monthly dividend paying stock for my taxable account and will complete my new stock purchases for 2013 by adding positions in 3 blue chip stocks before the end of September.  For the remainder of the year, my plan calls for adding to my positions to build additional monthly dividend revenues.  It's a simple plan, but that's the beauty of it, its' simplicity.  I don't anticipate adding many new stocks after this year, unless I have to replace an under performing issue. 

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