Saturday, March 30, 2013


Two of my monthly dividend stocks kicked in this past week with EMN, CNP and HWBK, for a total of 5 dividend "paydays"!  I'm excited to see cash coming in from recent stock purchases and continued payments from some of my longer held stocks.  The dividends were all reinvested to help build my current positions and increase monthly cash flow.  

Hit the garage sales looking for resale items this morning.  Found some great deals on items for myself, but no good items to sell.  Had a great time anyway.  My little sister went along and found Aeropostle, Abercrombie and Fitch and Nautica clothing in her size for 25 cents each!  She ended up with 3 bags of clothing from this one sale alone.  While I didn't find any items for resale, the money I saved on the items I did buy was fantastic.  Got a nice pair of jeans (which I really need, since I've lost 38 pounds on my exercise and diet so far), for $1.50.  Since I'm working on losing another 37 pounds to reach my goal weight, I could use some "in between" clothing sizes and I'm thinking garage sales is the perfect place to buy these.  My waist size has already dropped from 42 to 36, so most of my pants require a belt to keep them from falling to my feet.

Suffered a tragic personal loss this past week.  My closest friend and mentor passed away at the age of 82.  He will be truly missed, but his friendship and wisdom will never be forgotten.  

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