Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Once again I've decided to revise my investment plan for 2013.  Since making previous revisions, I've opened positions in enough dividend paying stocks to earn a total of 95 dividend payments per year or about 8 payments per month on average.  My original plan called for investing in enough different stocks to collect at least 10 dividends per month, however, due to limited investment capital and a desire to reduce investment costs, I'm going to move on to phase 2 of the plan and concentrate on building more shares in stocks I already own. 

To accomplish this, I'll be reinvesting all dividends in both investment accounts, to take advantage of no commissions on reinvested dividends and my monthly cash contributions will remain in my interest bearing account until I've accumulated enough to buy larger initial stakes in the remaining stocks I'm adding to my portfolio.  Since the commission I'm charged per trade is the same regardless of how much I invest, I'll save money up front on investment costs.  While cash contributions will be invested quarterly, I'll still be growing positions and cash flow on a monthly basis through reinvested dividends.  The savings from investing quarterly instead of monthly will help grow my portfolio more quickly than originally planned.


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