Friday, November 11, 2016


Managed to come up with the money earlier than I thought to purchase a stake in GAIN early next week.  GAIN has a dividend yield of 9.69% on their current price of $7.89, with a monthly dividend of $0.0625 per share!  They have more than sufficient earnings to maintain and/or increase dividends and have a low P/E of 5.76.  They also have a special dividend of $0.05 per share payable on December 31st, which means I'll have bought in just in time to collect first dividend payments in December 2016!

The stock market recovered rather quickly from the surprise of Trump winning the Presidential election.  A new president always brings a certain amount of uncertainty to the stock markets, so I'm still not expecting any major jumps in market indexes next year.  However, that may or may not be the case.  May plan is to stick with my stock purchase plan and get to my goal of at least 365 dividends per year.  This purchase of GAIN will bring me up to 312 dividend payments per year (including the special dividend in December).  I'm excited about the new President and what the new year has in store!

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