Friday, September 30, 2016


The last of September's dividend payments came in today and I'm happy to report, income for September 2016 is up over 130% compared to September 2015!  While part of this increase can be attributed to rising dividends, the majority is from reinvested dividends and additional cash investments.  Still, it's a pretty astonishing increase in cash flow.

For the month of October, I'll see new dividends kicking in from CRF, EAD and CHI, so it promises to be another great month.  I expect to see a similar, if not even larger, increase in year over year monthly cash flow for October.  At this point, I'm really getting excited about December.  December has the most dividend payments of any month of the year and includes special dividends, so it should be a great month for income.

Yesterday's 200 point drop in the DOW just served to confirm my decision to withhold reinvesting dividends for the time being.  The problems with Deutche Bank in Germany, uncertainty over the Federal Reserve rate increase, OPEC agreeing to limit oil production and the election are all bound to affect markets one way or another.  I'm thinking it's going to be a downward spiral for a while.  So I'll keep parking cash on the sidelines and hold out for better prices on stocks.  

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