Monday, August 1, 2016


For the last day of July I collected 8 dividend payments and for the first day of August I collected 6 more dividend payments. Each payment collected was higher than the previous month's payment for each stock. Yet nobody seems to understand why I get so excited about dividend investing. When I talk about it, most people I know, show no interest at all.  It's no wonder to me that so many people go through life and never get ahead.  Here is a simple, easy way to build wealth and very few people are interested.  Or perhaps I just need to find a few new friends who are interested in investing.

I started rebuilding my investment portfolio at the beginning of 2013.  I had suffered a couple of heart attacks in the two years prior, having stent surgeries to correct the problem.  However, with no insurance, my old investment portfolio was decimated by medical bills.  But I buckled down and began to rebuild my investments.  It went smoothly the first two years, but I suffered a setback in finances in 2015 and only managed to increase annual dividend income by 20%.  However, 2016 has been a great year and I'm on track to more than recover the momentum lost in 2015.  By the end of this year, even if I make no further cash contributions, dividend income will have increased a whopping 400% in the past four years!  Imagine getting a hundred percent raise every year from your job and you can easily see why I get so excited by dividend investing.  Not only that, but I currently get paid 276 times per year from my stock and bond fund investments.  I also get 28 interest payments from my interest bearing accounts for a total of 304 payments per year and I don't do any extra work to earn this money!

It would be unrealistic to expect the 100% increases per year to continue, although I think it's quite a realistic goal to increase my dividend income by at least 50% in 2017.  That's what I'll be shooting for and if I happen to do better than that, that's O.K. too.

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