Sunday, June 7, 2015


The month of June started off on a positive note with 5 dividend payments on the first of the month!  While not unexpected, it's still nice to see the money keep rolling in month after month.  It's also nice to see the payments increasing every month!  Been looking at ways to come up with extra cash to boost current positions and increase the dividends even more, but I'm still thinking the market will go in to a slump mid year and I'd rather invest at the lower prices.

This week kind of gave me a case of whiplash.  One day my portfolio was up, the next day it was down and Friday it was all over the place.  But that's when you just have to remember that, as a dividend investor, it's not so much about the current price as it is the current cash flow from investments.  Price is a big consideration when you buy in or sell, but when you're holding for the cash flow from dividends it's not as big a deal.  That being said, it's still nice to see the value of your holdings going up instead of down.  

The new job I started in March is going great!  Still not making the kind of salary I'd like, but there is a lot to be said about job satisfaction.  I haven't had a single bad day at work since I started and I've had a lot of great days.  It's such a nice change to do something you like and actually be appreciated for it.  Getting out of the bad work environment I'd been in for the past 6 years was one of the best things I've done in a long time.  It's changed my entire perspective on life overall.  Much easier to look on the bright side of things when you're not faced with a constant barrage of negativity from co-workers.

Since the positive job change is working out so well, I've set my sights on moving to a better neighborhood.  I figure a change of location on the home front will keep the good energy flowing.  So I've been looking for a new place to live.  Wish me luck!

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