Thursday, June 25, 2015


An active comment writer on Seeking Alpha shared their brief story of success investing in companies with growing dividends.

Actually, having owned CL since 1991, the facts are:
Purchased 200 shares at $69.75
Original cost: $13,950.00
Stock split 2-1 in 1991, 2-1 in 1997, and 2-1 in 1999.
The 200 shares grew to 1600 shares.
Dividends reinvested added an additional 527 shares
Currently holding 2172 shares.
Current price $82.41
Current value $178994.52
Change in value: $165044.54
Cost Basis Per Share: $6.42
Current Dividend: .58 per share per quarter or $2.32 annually
Income from Cl holdings: $5039.04 annually or $419.92 per month.
Peace of Mind: Priceless
Just Sayin
This reminds me of the kind of success the early buyers of Walmart have had – without even counting reinvested dividends, an original investment in 1970 of 100 shares has grown to over 200,000 today, with an income of $292,000.

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