Monday, June 29, 2015


Today's drop in the stock market is actually not all bad news.  At least not for me, or people like me, who re-invest dividends.  I have several stocks that pay at the end of the month and on the first of the month.  With dividends being re-invested and prices being down, I'll get more bang for my buck.  Lower priced shares also mean rising dividend yields, as long as dividends aren't cut.  Don't really see that happening anytime soon.

I am a bit concerned about the rumors of the IMF adding China's yuan to the international basket of reference currencies.  If other countries begin to sell off U.S. dollars in exchange for the Chinese yuan, it could create havoc in the U.S. economy and the stock markets.  Although, I'm not convinced that it would be the end of the world scenario that some are predicting right now.  If it all goes down, it could lead to a massive transfer of wealth, which means that there will be opportunities to make money as well as the potential of losing money.  

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