Friday, October 3, 2014


Toward the end of September, Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (UVE) announced completion of their $10 million share repurchase program.  The company noted that the timely completion of it's share buyback program underscores its confident outlook, solid financial position and commitment to effectively deploying capital when it sees clear value.  The Board and management team will continue to look for ways to enhance shareholder value, both through strategic growth initiatives and capital returns to shareholders.

As a long time investor in UVE in both my IRA and taxable investment accounts, the yield on my holdings are much higher than the current 3.08% since I bought in at a much lower price.  The actual dividend yield on my original investment is closer to 8%.  I currently reinvest all dividends in additional shares and the share buyback is just another good reason for me to keep this company in my long term portfolio of investments.  My original investment is up 148.44%, not a stock I want to get rid of anytime soon.

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