Monday, October 27, 2014


I've been a big fan of Amazon for quite some time.  I bought the original Kindle Fire for myself, which is wonderful for reading and watching video.  I've also given several Kindle's as gifts to family and friends.  Only recently have I caught on to the great deals on everyday items available on Amazon.  Just ordered new filters and a drive belt for my Hoover vacuum cleaner.  The filter was slightly more than one third of the price I paid for the last one at Walmart.  Ordered new batteries for all my watches for less than I'd pay for 2 locally.  A new battery for my laptop was only $15.  

I also bought my last 2 pair of work shoes through Amazon.  Same brand and style I normally buy, but even less than I was paying at Shoe Carnival.  Not only have I saved on purchase price, but I've saved lots of time and gasoline by ordering online instead of going to the stores.  Shipping hasn't added any to the costs, since most of my purchases were free shipping.  The orders I did pay shipping on were still lower priced overall than buying locally.  

I've made it a habit now to shop Amazon before I make any purchases other than groceries.  Just found a great deal on tires for my car.  It's amazing the me the variety of products available and the amount of savings.  Go Amazon!

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