Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Just finished reading the 2014 semi-annual report from Alpine
Total Dynamic Dividend Fund (AOD).  I have to say it’s one of
the most informative and well written reports I’ve ever read.
While it does highlight the funds’ success, it also provides the
needed information for investors as to the general direction of
the fund while not painting an overly rosy picture of future
prospects.  What I did discover is that the fund is well
positioned, relative to some of my other fund investments for
continued growth of NAV and dividend distributions to
shareholders.  My investment in monthly dividend paying
funds was primarily geared toward boosting monthly cash
flow.  However, I believe there is a good possibility of growth
with AOD along with decent current income.  I was so
impressed with their report and investment portfolio, I’ll be
reviewing other Alpine funds to see if they are suitable
replacements for stocks I sold recently.

I first learned of AOD through one of my other funds.  It is one
of their top ten holdings.  I thought it would be a good idea to
look over the top ten holdings for stocks or funds I might want
to invest in outside of the fund.  AOD was one of the standouts
so I bought some shares and now I’m really glad I did.  I’ve
enjoyed having their monthly dividends add to my cash flow,
but most of all I’m very happy with what I’ve seen in their
report.  The strategy of reviewing mutual fund top ten holdings
may be a great way of finding good investments to build my
portfolio.  I’ll definitely be keeping and eye on future reports.
In the mean time I’ll be looking to invest in additional Alpine
funds.  I like being informed on my investments and their
reports are some of the most informative I’ve ever read.  Since
I’ve read every annual report of every company I’ve ever
invested in, that’s saying a lot.

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