Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Dividend income for the first month of the third quarter is up a
whopping 270% over the first month of the first quarter!  That
in itself is a great accomplishment, especially considering I
recently sold some shares and lost dividends associated with
those shares.  When compared to July of last year, dividends
for July 2014 will be up 110% over 2013!  Which means my
investment plan is right on track.  Even if I don’t invest any
additional cash for the rest of the year, reinvested dividends
would more than double total dividend income from 2013.  I’m
working out a plan now to double dividend income again in
2015.  Reinvested dividends increase income by 1% per month,
so a 12% increase for next year is already in the bag.  My real
goal is to increase dividends by 88% or above next year.  

My sister sent me a great book for my Kindle Fire through
Amazon.  It basically synopsises 50 of the greatest investment
books ever written.  Several of the books I’ve read, several I
haven’t read and was surprised by some of the great ideas I’ve
gotten by reviewing familiar material and being exposed to
some new ideas.  One of the greatest things to come from
reading the book was a renewed optimism for life overall.  The
power of positive thinking, not just to improve earnings
potential or to attract money, but to improve all areas of your
life.  Health, friendships, family, love interests and finances all
benefit from looking for and being greatful for the positive
things in life.  While I’m not sure about the whole metaphysical
type of thinking on the laws of attraction, even the Bible says
that those who have will have more added to them and those
who do not have, even what they have will be taken away.  All
good things begin with good thoughts leading to good actions
which in turn, tend to attract good things into your life.  So
think positive, it can’t hurt.

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