Saturday, July 5, 2014


Was happy to see Hawthorn Bank pay an additional stock dividend for the month of July, just as they did last year.  HWBK is one of my long term investments and although the cash dividend yield is small, I anticipate good things from this stock going forward.  I've witnessed first hand improvements they've made to their operations locally and have had nothing but positive interactions with all business dealings I've had with them.  I also like their recent add campaign aimed at increasing business.  What's good for Hawthorn is good for me.  I currently do not have any personal accounts with the bank, but I'm thinking of opening an account in the near future, since their location is much better suited to where I live than my current main bank.

Didn't go out for the 4th, was tired from work and decided to have a quiet evening at home.  Turned out to be not so quiet since the neighbors put on their own fireworks show after the featured show downtown.  But I did enjoy their fireworks display, so it wasn't a bad thing.  My little dog Pickles ran and hid under the bed.  He doesn't like loud noises, but he was content to sit in my lap afterwords and watch Perry Mason and Twilight Zone reruns with me.

With the additional stock dividend this month, monthly cash flow should be near or exceed that of last month, which was the highest since I started my new portfolio.  I expect next month to be a bit lower since there will be less dividend payments and I don't expect to make any additional cash investments between now and then.  However, total shares in my portfolio are growing quite nicely from reinvested dividends and monthly cash flow continues to grow along with it.  

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