Saturday, April 19, 2014


While reading through the annual reports from some of the funds in my portfolio, it occurred to me that a good source of possible investments would be checking out top 10 holdings in my current funds.  I figure they're in the top ten for a reason, although perhaps not a reason that would make me want to invest.

However, I did come across a couple of likely candidates:

1.  Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund (AOD)  This fund pays a monthly dividend and has an 8.04% yield on their current price of $8.43 per share.  While the yield on this one is a little less than my next pick, I'd prefer the monthly dividends over quarterly payments.

2.  BlackRock Global Opportunities Equity Trust (BOE)  This fund pays its' dividend quarterly with a yield of 8.63% on their recent price of $14.45 per share.  

While it would be necessary for me to do further research before I would replace any of my current investments with one or the other mentioned above, both look like very good prospects.  I'm also partial to the idea of trading in one of my quarterly paying individual stocks for a monthly paying fund, especially one with a much higher yield.  It may seem some redundancy of investing would occur should I take a position in a fund that is already owned as part of one of my current investments, however, redundancies already exist since most of the individual stocks I own are also owned as part of some of my fund investments.  So I wouldn't really be changing much about the makeup of my portfolio, other than adding more diversity and increasing monthly cash flows.  If I trade a quarterly paying stock for a monthly payer, I'll add an additional 8 dividend payments per year. 

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