Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Dividend Income For April Up 50% Over April 2013!

While a 50% increase compared to the same month last year is not as good as I’ve been
seeing, it’s still a fantastic increase!  I expected increases to moderate some as the year
went along, but a preliminary look at the month of May shows a possible increase of over
200% compared to last year.  Now that’s something to get excited about!

Completed the sale of part of my UVE shares from my taxable account, pulling out all my
original cash investment.  I redeployed the cash by purchasing shares of NCZ.  This will
bring the total number of dividend payments per year to 180.  So I’ll be collecting a
dividend nearly every two days!  Monthly cash flow will increase, since NCZ pays
monthly compared to quarterly for UVE.  The remaining shares of UVE I’ll continue to
hold and reinvest the dividends.  I now have half the number of shares in UVE I
originally owned, but I’ve pulled out all of my original cash investment, which means I
have none of my own money invested in the remaining shares.  While I did create a
taxable event and paid some in commissions, the increased income should more than
make up for it.  I’m still long on UVE, just wanted to take advantage of the fantastic gains
I’d made to date and boost monthly cash flows through the purchase of CLM and NCZ

I’m looking to make at least one additional cash investment to my portfolio before the
end of this quarter.  I only need to boost income by 2% to meet my goal of 20% increases
each quarter of 2014.  I’ll need to figure out a different strategy for the 3rd quarter.  While
I could pull the same move and sell shares in one of my stocks with unrealized gains, I
like the idea of finding more creative ways to boost returns.  Then again, there’s nothing
wrong with taking advantage of all available avenues toward boosting earnings.  So I may
do both.  If I figure out how to boost dividends by 20% and decide to cash in on
unrealized gains, I’ll just me that much more ahead of the game.  The goal is 20% but
there’s no reason I can’t exceed that goal when the opportunity presents itself.  Got to
remember that goals are not limits.

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