Saturday, April 26, 2014


Since the economic downturn in 2008, I've had to look for creative ways to save money for investing.  One of the best ways I've found is shopping at thrift stores.  You can find most anything at thrift stores.  In my case, I've been buying a lot of clothing, since I've lost 70 lbs and went 2 X shirts to Large.  Replacing an entire wardrobe can be pretty expensive.  However, I sold most of my bigger clothes at a couple of yard sales last summer and have yet to spend the amount of money I made from the sale.

Today I bought an American Eagle Outfitters Henley shirt in like new condition for $1.50.  I also purchased a new belt for $2.93.  I figure if I'd bought the items retail, I'd have easily spent $50.  While I wouldn't have thought twice about that before the economy tanked and took my high paying job along with it, I have to watch every penny now that I make half as much money.  

Like I said before, you can find most anything at thrift stores.  Items may be new or used, but what I've noticed with the clothing is that once it's washed, nobody really knows whether you bought it new or not.  What I find most enjoyable about the experience is the great amount of money I'm able to save.  I still wear the name brands and have a great new wardrobe, at least it's new to me.  What's even better is, the money I save allows me to continue building my investment portfolio even though I've fallen on extremely hard times.  

I'm currently looking for a specific pattern of Corelle Ware dishes.  I want to get the complete set and it's probably going to take me a while to find it all.  I've currently got one vegetable bowl, one dinner plate and 8 cups and saucers, so I've got quite a few pieces to find.  But that's part of the excitement of shopping thrift stores.  You never know when you're going to find exactly what you've been looking for and the bargain pricing makes it all worth the wait.

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