Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Started the month of April off right with 5 dividend payment on the first of the month.  Collected some decent interest payments from Capital One and my regular savings and checking accounts.  Although interest on savings remains pitifully low, it's better to collect what you can while your money is idle.

Looked at a few new issues, but I haven't found anything to temp me into selling out any of my current positions.  I'm liking the increasing cash flows I have now and would have to find something really good to make in changes in my portfolio.  Just read the annual report from Corning Glass and I'm really liking the actions they've taken in the past year.  I think the investment in the Brazilian telecom was a great idea, hope to see a boost in earnings from that and their Willow glass.  Gorilla glass sales were down due to companies working through current inventories, but demand overall was up 30%, so sales should begin to pick up this year.  I'm still a firm believer in GLW and consider it one of my core holdings.  Would like to see them boost the dividend again this year.

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