Tuesday, February 19, 2013


With today's purchase of a stake in NCZ, which pays monthly dividends, I added an additional 12 dividends payments per year to my IRA account.  This will increase monthly cash flow to my retirement account and contribute greatly to compounding of payments.  The more payments you receive, the faster your money compounds, because each month you're earning additional cash on the previous months earnings.  

For the month, I've added 24 payments per year over both investment accounts.  I plan to repeat this in March by adding an additional monthly dividend payer to each account, effectively doubling the number of dividend payments I receive each year.  My investment schedule for 2013 is pretty ambitious, given I don't really have as much to invest as I used to, but so far it's right on schedule.  So with the revisions to my investment plan, I should start 2014 with around 98 dividend payments per year, between the two accounts.  Once I've purchased a stake in all the stocks I've added to my list, I'll concentrate on building positions to pump up dividend payments.  It's all about increasing cash flow every month.

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