Sunday, August 19, 2012


We had a good weekend at the Mason Dixon Flea market!  Sales were up quite nicely over last weekend.  The weather was great and there were lots of customers.  I've never seen so many vendors at the sale either, so I guess the nice weather brought a lot of them out as well.  Some people look at that as competition, but I think the more vendors you have, the more customers will show up for the sales.  It also helps the proprietor of the flea market to keep the overall business going, so I think it's a good thing all around.

Got several good items to list on Craigslist, so I'll be busy with that at the first of the week.  Got to get additional cash coming in to help pay off some of my medical bills from my last trip to the hospital.  Last week I realized how much more I could be using Craigslist to pick up extra cash between sales.  So I'll be concentrating on that this week.

Looking forward to a good weekend in Versailles Missouri next weekend!

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