Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We've got a big weekend planned for resale business this week!  We're holding a 4 day yard sale to clear out excess flea market merchandise and will be setting up at the Versailles Missouri flea market on Saturday.  The heat has been brutal so far this week, so we're hoping for that to let up some. 

It was time to hold a big sale and clear out some of the older inventory.  Customers want to see new merchandise at the booth, not the same old thing every week, so we try to rotate inventory.  Usually we take all our new finds first and add in some of the older merchandise as the tables begin to clear off.  This way we've got new arrangements and new items out every week.  Still we've managed to accumulate a lot of excess merchandise and since my storage locker was getting pretty full, we decided to hold a big yard sale to sell off some of the older merchandise.  Hopefully we'll be able to buy a lot of quality items at the sales this week to replenish our booth.

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