Saturday, August 4, 2012


We expected this weekend to be good, setting up for a local garage sale instead of a booth at the flea market, but it turned out to be our best week of sales ever!  The week kicked off with the sale of a refinished coffee table on Craigslist.  From the sale of the table I made an 833% return on my initial investment!  A fantastic start to an incredible week!

Wednesday I took all the merchandise from the storage locker to the location for the garage sale and got everything set up.  We opened at noon on Thursday and ran until 6 pm..  Friday and Saturday we opened from 8 am to 4 pm.  By the end of the day Saturday we had cleared out a great deal of older merchandise and had sold the majority of our picks from Thursday and Fridays' yard sales.  In one instance I tripled my money on a hand full of tools I purchased at a sale less than a mile from our sale.  It's a lot of work to find items at the right price and items that will sell, but when you do the profits can be fantastic!

It's weekends like this that make me want to keep going and not give up on the resale business.  I love the work and I love the business, it's simply whether or not I'll be able to keep everything going until I'm able to support growth in the business and support myself as well. 

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