Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This past week was not a great one, didn't collect any dividends and both account balances ended down for the week.  However, things are looking up this week.  Just completed purchase of a stake in Aberdeen Chili Fund (CH) for my taxable account, which pays quarterly dividends, bringing my total dividend payments per year to 176.  Yeah, I'm almost to the halfway mark, just 189 more and I'll be collecting a dividend for every day of the year!!!

With the upcoming purchase of PFE and LLY for my IRA I'll add an additional 8 dividends.  Thanks to recent research I've also identified another four monthly dividend payers I'm planning on buying stakes in:

EOI dividend yield of 10.3% on recent price of $10.73.

PVX  6.5% yield on recent price of $8.49.

AT  7.9% yield on recent price of $14.98.

GGN  9.9% yield on recent price of $16.97.

With monthly dividends, the above four stocks would add an additional 48 payments to my 365 days of dividends plan.  Still have quite a way to go, but with new dividend payments starting to kick in, my rate of purchases are increasing rapidly.  It's possible I may get to 365 dividends per year much sooner than I expected.  Originally I estimated it would take 3 to 4 years, but now I'm thinking it will take less than 2 years!

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