Monday, August 29, 2011


Well the week is off to a good start with the stock market closing slightly higher.  I suspect the higher close is mostly attributable to less than expected damage from hurricane Irene over the weekend.  Given that, and remarks from Bernanke on Friday of last week, I still wouldn't hold out much optimism for any major upward moves anytime soon.  Right now I'm sticking with the buy low strategy, adding to positions in some of my best holdings while the price is down.  If I'm right, it could be a big payoff somewhere down the road and in the mean time I'll collect more in dividends with the increase in number of shares in my portfolio.

Got some great deals over the weekend at Gerbes and Walgreens matching coupons with store sales.  Saved 40% on my grocery store purchases and closer to 70% from Walgreens.  Anybody not using coupons is passing up a great opportunity to save, save, save!!!

Got my sign-up paperwork back from Edward Jones for the company savings plan.  Kind of anxious for payday to see if they've started the witholdings.  If, as I suspect, the before tax witholdings have little effect on my take home pay, I'll most likely increase witholdings within the next month or two.  I'm not maxed out on matching contributions, so I could increase my own contributions as long as it doesn't cut me too short on cash flow.  Just have to wait and see...

Requested another check from  This will be my third check from them.  I intend to use it to repurchase some UVE stock I sold in my taxable account.  Got the medical bills down from my heart attack and follow up care, so I'm really concentrating on rebuilding my investment and cash positions.  If my health and the economy holds out, at least as well as it has been going, I should be in pretty good shape by this time next year. 

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