Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The month of March set another record, not only for the highest month for dividend income this year, but also by beating out March 2016's earnings by well over 100%!  April too, is off to a good start with 9 dividends collected so far, equaling over 50% of last year's April income.  Still have 20 more dividends to go for this month, so it's pretty safe to say April 2017 will also show a 100%+ increase over last April!

It's tax time and I have to admit it hasn't gone smoothly for me this year.  Big changes in the tax software I use made it more difficult for me to file.  Also led to an omission of filing a needed form on my part, which in turn led to a letter from the IRS and a delay in collecting my tax refund.  Got the form filled out and mailed and I must say the IRS made it very simple to straighten out the problem, so thanks to the good folks in Kansas City office!

Been very busy at work, lots of extra hours and big changes with a new boss at the helm.  Some I think are most definitely for the better, other changes I'm taking a wait and see approach to.  Always try to keep in mind that I can't get too worked up about anything, don't want them taking away my employee of the year award.  Just thankful to have a job that I like and good people to work with, but the benefits are not bad either.

After making some adjustments in my portfolio to simplify next years taxes, I'm taking my investments in a new direction by adding some big blue chip stocks.  Put in order to purchase stakes in JNJ, ABT and VZ.  Also want to add to my currents stakes in UVE, CSX and GLW.  Sold my shares in SPHD in my taxable account for a small profit and transferred the money to my IRA for a tax deduction.  I intend to buy back SPHD later in the year, since I believe it is a great long term investment, but I'm buying the shares for my Roth IRA so the future income and capital gains will be tax free.  Added BLW, although I'm a little iffy about it, to my IRA for the monthly dividend.  But I'll be taking the dividend payments in cash on this one, just to be on the safe side.

Overall, things are going well.  Income continues to increase at a rapid pace, which never ceases to amaze me.  I keep thinking it's got to slow down sometime, but so far it's showing no signs of doing so.  Doesn't get any better than that.

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