Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The new year is off to a great start, if January dividends are any indication.  Total dividend income for the first month of the new year is up 250% compared to January of last year!  This month's income is the second highest month ever, only beaten my December 2016's record earnings!

February is off to a great start with 7 dividend payments for the first day of the month!  With February being a short month and having only 26 dividend payments, compared to January's 27, I expected income to be a little less.  However, a quick review of upcoming dividends shows that I may make a bit more in February than I made last month!  

Even though I made no new share purchases for the month, I did see new dividends kick in from FSC and SPLV.  My planned purchase of bond fund NCV for this month will increase monthly dividend income by over 2% and bring the number of annual dividend payments up to 360 per year.  Thanks to some extra hours at work, I may be able to to make a second stock purchase of SPFF before the end of the month which will increase total dividend payments to 372 per year.  Which means I'll be earning more than a dividend per day for every day of the year!

My biggest concern for the stock market going forward is the trend of company executives involving themselves in national politics.  While they have every right to follow their own personal beliefs, they should not be involving shareholders interests by taking political stands on a corporate level.  Corporations should be like Switzerland and remain neutral.  No sense alienating customers.

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