Monday, May 2, 2016


May 2nd, 2016

The month of May is off to a good start with 5 big dividend payments!  May is one of the slower months for dividends, with only 14 payments for the month, so there are 9 more payments coming in before the end of the month.  However, June is going to be big, with a total of 20 dividends followed by 19 in July!  Should see increase in monthly cash flow from some of my recent purchases starting this month.  Will capture the dividend for May, from tomorrow's purchase of additional shares of SPHD.  JMP dividends should also kick in this month, with both purchases adding a significant amount to monthly cash flow.

From a quick estimate, it looks like May 2016 dividends will be up 90% over May 2015!  This makes 3 consecutive months of 90% increases.  If this trend continues, I'll have nearly doubled dividend income for the year!  I saw a lot of major increases last year over the year before and I said at the time, I didn't expect that to continue.  Now I'm seeing big gains again, but I still don't expect this to continue forever.  It's much easier to make great gains when you're starting from small amounts.  But as your portfolio grows it takes more cash investments to keep the big increases going.  At some point, I may not be able to keep increasing cash investments, due to limited earned income.  However, I haven't reached that point yet and it looks like I'll be adding more this year than I have since I started rebuilding my portfolio.  My current total investments are equal to about one third of my old portfolio, but I've built this portfolio in much less time.  So it seems quite possible I'll still be able to surpass the value of my original portfolio before I retire.  

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