Monday, May 16, 2016


Just finished calculating projected income for the month of May, with the new dividends kicking in from GGT and GUT.  Compared that total to May 2015 and was extremely pleased to see dividend income has increased a whopping 140%!  It was also less than $2 shy of the record month of December 2015.  May 2015 was the lowest month for dividend income last year and was about one third of the dividend income earned in December.  If the same holds true this year, then December is going to be a blow out month!  If Decembers' income is three times the dividends earned in May, which seems quite likely, it means I'll earn as much in dividends in one month as I earned for half the year of 2015!  

This means the goal I set at the first of the year for increasing total annual dividend income by 50% will be met by the income earned in December alone.  At this point, it's more likely I'll see over a 100% increase for the year!  While I'm pleased to have exceeded my goal so dramatically, I want to keep the momentum going.  I've already set aside enough money to gain the maximum tax benefit from my regular IRA account, so I'm concentrating on building the new ROTH IRA for the remainder of the year to increase future tax free income.  To accomplish this, I plan on making all stock purchases with out of pocket cash through the ROTH account and starting July first I'll be diverting dividend income from my taxable account to cash and transferring that to the ROTH account as well.  With seven and a half months left in 2016, I should have a nice stream of tax free monthly income rolling in by the end of the year!  


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