Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I'm very excited about the stream of tax free income from my new ROTH IRA account!  I think it's off to a good start with substantial investments in GUT, GGT and PHK.  I wanted to concentrate on building a stream of income with the first three purchases and will be adding shares of SPHD next.  I'm planning on building a large position in SPHD in the ROTH account for low volatility, income and possible capital gains.  

As for my taxable account and my regular IRA, I'll be taking dividends from mutual funds and bond funds in cash from here on out.  In the IRA I'll use the cash to build positions in individual stocks and the cash from my taxable account will be transferred to the ROTH account and put to work building tax free income.  I'll still be making some cash investments from time to time in the IRA and taxable account, but I plan on increasing positions in both accounts by continuing to reinvest dividends from individual stocks.  I have automatic transfers set up to cover my tax deductible contributions to the IRA, so I'll get the maximum benefit when I file my taxes for 2016.  

I've got at least 6 more years to work before I can sign up for Social Security and hope to be able to work at least 8 more years, if health allows.  I'm visualizing the perfect retirement for me as living in a new tiny house with a wrap around porch in one of the small towns here in central Missouri.  Want to stay close to family and be near the good hospitals and doctors in case I need their services.  I think the ROTH account will go a long way toward helping me achieve my dream retirement.

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