Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Completed 3 trades today that I'm not to crazy about.  First, I sold ROYT at a huge loss.  It was a speculative venture when I bought in, hoping to benefit from a recovery in the oil market.  I was willing to hold on when the price drop, but couldn't see any sense in it when they stopped paying dividends.  So I cut my losses and put the money to work in more shares of PHK.

Second, I bought additional shares of PSEC.  I like the dividend yield of over 13%, but there's some  questionable stuff going on with the stock.  A risky proposition, but I figured it's worth the risk as long as the dividend holds.

Third, I increased my steak in EGAS.  They're coming off a bad year due to a warmer than normal winter and have cut the dividend again, but I'm looking for some improvement going forward with some of the changes the company has made.  Won't be buying more shares anytime soon, I'll stick with what I've got for now to limit risk.

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