Monday, April 25, 2016


An unexpected cash windfall has made it possible for me to accelerate my stock purchase plan and buy additional shares of SPHD.  SPHD is a five star rated, low volatility ETF, paying monthly dividends, with a current yield of 3.27%.  I'm going after quality and stability here to balance out some of the risky high yield holdings in my portfolio.  I put a lot of thought in to how best to put this unexpected cash to work and I believe SPHD is my best bet right now.  With today's drop in the stock market, I might even be able to get a better price on the new shares.

I'll set the order to purchase the new shares next Tuesday which, I'm happy to report, will be in plenty of time to capture the dividend for May.  So this purchase will immediately increase monthly dividend income by 6%!  May is only a 14 dividend month, but with the increased payments from SPHD, PSEC and JMP all set to kick in, it's probably going to be a very good month.

On a related note, earned income from my job has increased significantly since the first of 2016.  Not due to any raise, but because of increased hours.  While I'm not crazy about working so much, I'm happy to put in the extra effort to reach my goals of building my portfolio and reducing personal debt.  A little extra work now can make life a whole lot easier in the years to come.   

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